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Little Things – A Real Happiness!

What makes you happy? Have you ever thought about the little things in life that make life worth living? We only think that happiness is achieving your goals, getting promoted, a vacation, a new car, marriage, baby etc but don’t you think that these are just milestones of your life that make you happy for a short while and then life goes back to normalcy and all these milestones become routine? The real happiness comes from small, little things that give meaning to our daily lives. We just need to stop and notice. So I decided to randomly put down things that make me happy.

I am sure most of you can relate with it.. so here is my list of some little things that make me Happy 🙂

Hearing my mother’s voice in my dream

A hello from someone who I thought had forgotten me

The smiling siblings who wave back at me when i leave home

Finishing a good book

Finding a good bargain

Getting something as a present that I really wanted to buy

A peaceful Sunset

A well cooked meal

A Tasty Biryani

A satisfying dessert

A loyal friend

An expectation that doesn’t end in disappointment

Balanced eye liner

A perfect selfie

Meeting an old friend

Helping sister in searching her chocolates that i have already eaten few hour ago!

A quotation or saying that touches my heart

A prayer that is answered

The waiting period of things that excite me

Spotting a familiar face in crowd

Non-stopped Gossip with My Best Friends “Rabiya & Nayab”


Hot shower after a long tiring day

A full glass of shake

Skimming through old photographs

A good hair day

A joke that makes me laugh out loud in real!


Your comments on my blog…

So do make me happy and add on to this list.

I want to know your reason of Happiness!


20 thoughts on “Little Things – A Real Happiness!

  1. There was so many points, i completely relate myself with, a short but well written. This blog made me smile 🙂 keep it up.


  2. Actually what…. this whole made me happy . Bcuz it feels like this blog “the wordings” belongs to reality…. it’s my feelings my happiness….. best wishes for such pure , clear and well defined thought.


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