When Nothing goes Right; GO WRITE!

I am not having a list of enough followers on my WordPress account as i just started writing a blog. So for getting like, share and of course! I also give some values to your thoughts too 😉; I have to send a link of my latest blog to my friends personally. Since last One week, i am just giving the answer to the people about why i started writing a blog.

Do you know?


Yes! I, sometime,love to write but there were other reasons too. I started writing blogs because I was dealing with grief as i am unlucky in making good friends and living a disturbed life because of my terrible routine. Anyways! I believe that when nothing goes right, Go write!

When nothing goes right, when you have no one to share the lonesome worries of your heart, go WRITE. Write to your journal, your dairy, your notebook, your email, your mobile app or your blog. Not because someone is going to read, write for yourself. Write to escape. Write to let go. Write to release – the pain, regrets and fears. Write not because you want to, write because you HAVE to.

Let your soul speak, unadulterated. Let it whisper, let it sing. Set it free with the words that flow. Don’t judge yourself, let your heart cry if it wants to. Give it an escape from all the masks you wear to shield your vulnerable self. Let it free from its synthetic laugh and allow it to mourn, to weep. Stop pretending to be strong and let your soul shatter and bleed on paper.

It is often when we acknowledge who we really are, where we stand and how we feel; can we move ahead. Write, not because it can heal all wounds, but because it will allow you to discover the other side of ‘you’. Write, because once you speak your heart out to your secret keeper dairy, the foggy night ahead of you will clear away and give way to the beautiful sunshine and the melody of the birds.


When nothing goes right; GO WRITE !

12 thoughts on “When Nothing goes Right; GO WRITE!

  1. Damn right…. it’s often me i used to pour my all feelings into my diary but now I am strong enough to bear it on my heart shell. The thing happened is meant to be as it. I prepare myself in this way …. in my life everything is RIGHT that’s why I WRITE… 😜😛😘

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