Heart to Heart

Music is what feelings sound like.

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” – Jean Paul

Music has and will always be a huge part of my life. I’ve been singing for as long as i can remember and it has definitely shaped who I am today. I am sure all of us have come to a point in our lives when we went black and had no idea about how do we cope with it? Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Of Course yes! Sometimes everything inside us needs something which can heal our wounds and take us to a place where we can explore a Person inside us. It requires listening to music; it makes us feel like “I can travel the whole world inside my mind”. It is the essence of our lives and it is all around us, adding that little extra spark to an otherwise mundane routine. Music is like the air around us; we may not always see it but can definitely feel it’s presence if we care to focus. Music sometimes confronts us like a tiger roaring in African wilderness while sometimes it teases us like a koel singing on a distant tree. Music need not always be created but it can be discovered in the most unexpected places. Even silence is also music to some ears.


Music is not only the physical sounds embedded in the life and objects around us but it is also deep-seated in the emotions, gestures and feelings. A baby giggling, mother kissing, beloved calling and even looking into your beloved’s eyes without even muttering a word is music to the soul.  We must never underestimate the healing power of music. It can heal anything, be it spoiled mood or a crooked soul. One good thing about music, when it hits you, you will feel no pain. It gives the soul to the universe. Wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm. Sometimes it can heal heartaches. It’s an explosive expression of the humanity. It is something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we are from.

Any moment in our lives can be elevated to a different level if we just add music to it. You may try listening to your favorite music on full blast while dancing around like an idiot all around the house for starters.


And if it doesn’t help; you may try singing yourself and just because you can’t sing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. And if you are too concerned about looking like an idiot than listening to music in good old ways is always there. No matter what you are feeling, I am sure you can find a song for that particular situation with ease. I feel there is a song for any and every moment. It is actually the part of our life this is why our Heart has Beats!

My taste in Song ranges from “Piyar Diwana Hota Hai” to “Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta Yha Piyar Zindagi Main”.

What’s your Taste?

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