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Karachi- A Safe and Smart City!

Karachi is everything but what popular media shows it to be. We are known for all kinds of notorious things but once people meet us, they are surprised to see what real Karachi is all about. While people expect us to be some sort of barbarians, uneducated, backward group of fanatics, we surprise them with our manners, education, progressive approach and friendliness. We never fail to impress people with our food, fashion, music, rich culture and hospitality.

Karachi is nothing without its people. The people are the light of this city. The person could be a Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Memon Whether he/she is a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Parsis, or Sikhs. Each resident of the city has his or her own set of contributions that has influenced the positive social and economic growth in Karachi. It is the people. It is their desire. To never pause.The city is a metropolis of 20 million people, always hustling and bustling. There is no stopping or looking back. There is no verge. In Karachi, it is all about dreaming and achieving. There are monuments, there are  mansions, there are ports, there are factories,  and there is wealth. There are shantytowns, there are slums, there is a large informal sector, there is filth, and there is poverty. However, what remains constant throughout is the desire to grow and never give up. It is this desire that creates the energy Karachi is known for it brings every aspect of the city together.

All above, Karachi food diary has always been so special. Karachi is undisputed winner when it comes to Desi Food that actually tastes delicious.And this is evident by the number of food streets and the foodies wandering in them. You can, here,  find various variety of food from all over the country. Bihari Kebab from Burns Road, Bun Kebab from Sadar Food street, Gola Ganda from Dhoraji, Beef Biryani From Hussainabad Food Street or the Chicken Tandoori from Boat Basin. If you ever visit to Karachi, then you should visit these top Karachi food streets to taste the food that you will never find in any place of Pakistan, Yeah not even in Lahore!

Being a Karachite, I am always interested in the historical places of this city. So i also decided to randomly put down those places that make you feel “So much history in just one city”.

  • The historical Empress Market in Saddar from the British Raj Era.
  • The beautiful Frere Hall, another remnant of the British colonial Raj at Fatima Jinnah Road.
  • Another breathtaking monument from the British Raj, Jehangir Kothari, in Clifton.
  • A lovely monument, Lady Lloyd Pier from the British Raj, located close to Jehangir Kothari in Clifton.
  • The Jaw-Dropping Beauty of Mohatta Palace in Clifton, a historical remnant from 1927, built by a Hindu businessman as his summer home.
  • The landmark that defines Karachi, Mazar-e-Quaid at Sharah-e-Quaideen.
  • Quaid-e-Azam House in Saddar Town where he lived from 1944 till his death in 1948. It is now a museum dedicated to his life.
  • An early Islamic cemetery dating back to the Mughal Era, Chaukhandi Tombs, located close to the N-5 Highway near Landhi Town.
  • Another remnant of the British Raj, Merewether Clock Tower on M.A Jinnah Road.
  • The symbol of Karachi, Karachi Port Trust Office Building on Eduljee Dinshaw Road, dating back to the British Raj.
  • A breathtaking monument dating back to the 19th century, Karachi Cantonment Railway Station in Cantt.
  • An architectural masterpiece, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Saddar.

And then, People ask what Karachi has!  Besides these historical remnants that exist in Karachi. We have Aladin & Sindbad Amusement Park, we have the most beautiful place Ibn-e-Qasim Park. We have air force museum named PAF Museum and also Pakistan Maritime Museum that is a famous naval museum of Pakistan. And all above, Here, we also have an eye-catching places where you can sit relax and enjoy the warmth of the sand and the freshness of the water.This city has  more than 20 beaches and a coastline of approximately 70 kilometres. Each beach or coastal area has its own spark and character. If you want to become less tense and enjoy the warmth of the sand and the freshness of the water, Sandspit is the beach to go to. If you want to live it up in a luxurious beach house at a private beach, then French Beach is the best option. If you want to simply enjoy the sound of the waves in sync with the sound of traffic, horns, and dialogue, then Sea View and Clifton beach is the place to be at since it is a city beach, it is relatively dirtier and busier you look ahead, you see the calm, pure, never ending sea. You look back, and you see a chaotic urban setting of buildings under construction, moving cars, and people on the go. I love the sea because it is one thing that does not change and gives the busy city an opportunity to take a break and relax. The relationship Karachi shares with the sea truly shows the coexistence of the ever changing with the constant.

The image of Karachi may be tarnished  because of some incidents.But still I believe that someday, maybe someday, the image of our Karachi will be transformed into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. Sooner or later, we will be exempted from harsh calamities one way or another. A day not far enough, it will soon arrive, the day when we will all stand together acting upon the three words.,

Unity, Faith and Discipline!



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