The beautiful “L” word!

There are people who are good at dealing what happens in their life. And some people, of course, didn’t have the aptitude to get on living, even though they work so hard to make sure that they will have a happy day ahead of them. One of the most used adages that I have been hearing over the course of my life in studying is that “Work hard now and you’ll be playing harder in the future.” Sure, that sounds great and all. But is there all life to is?

A farmer takes a lot of care for his crops and plants, but there will be an uncertain time that his crops would be devastated by the storm and his plants dried by sudden dry spells. Life surely is unfair most of the time, and the majority of the time, it is unpredictable.

I have spent a significant amount of time studying key pillars for success in life. The attainment or failure to achieve boils down to how you put the bricks of the success wall together. I have observed in my life some of the things which I had overlooked and were slowing me down immensely in terms of achievement of my own goals. I will share with you a few key links which when they are missing in life will cause an immense dislocation. There could be many more but these stand out for me.

Life without purpose

A life that lack the reason for its own existence is not usually a fulfilled and fruitful life. A fundamental question in life is “why am I here”. Whether you believe it or not there is reason why you had to show up and not another person. I discovered my purpose not so long ago which is summed up “I exist to uncover greatness in others”. My purpose fuels me. It is the reason why I woke up to write this article. What is yours?

Existence outside of relationships

You were not born in a vacuum and neither were you created for solitary confinement. Human beings are created for communion with other humans. We need others to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and in every other area of our existence. I have noticed that the more I isolate myself, the less I grow as a person as my purpose relies on relationships around me. Everyday ask yourself “who is in my circle”. What are those people doing in your life?

Live only for yourself

This is closely tied to the point I just raised on relationships. There is a huge temptation to live for yourself and your family only forgetting that you need to serve other people beyond your own clan and lineage. Serving others does not always mean you are losing money. It could mean mentoring and coaching someone who is trying to find their way in life. It may mean sharing the little food you have just so that another person can afford a smile. When you see people do charity work it is not because they have excess, they have been raised to know that sharing is caring. Do you care enough about serving others.

Mind that refuses knowledge

Every day that you exist on this earth is important in as far as your mental development is concerned. It is easy to think you have reached the pinnacle of information acquisition when in actual fact you need to develop and feed your mind every day. The most dangerous things in life are those we don’t even know. Ignorance is a serious epidemic which you must always work to reduce in your life. No matter how much they call you a learned person, you need to ensure that you are growing your mind daily. Read a book, watch the news, attend a seminar – just do something about increasing the quantity of what you know.

Acting without careful thinking

Every day we make decisions. Life is a series of decisions. It is important for you to exercise your mind before making a decision. This is why you cannot enter into a day without a plan. Work on a simply action list a day before and as you go through your day start ticking the items off. As you go through the day, never be under pressure to say stuff without carefully processing whether it is necessary or not. Words by their very nature can damage others around you. Your maturity is in knowing when to act and when to speak.

Mistakes that don’t cause learning

I have made a number of mistakes in life but I don’t bury my head in the sand. I have made decision in life that nearly decimated my own life but I don’t wallow in self-pity. I simply learn from my mistakes and I move on. I have realized that I will not always have things right. There are things I will continue to learn out of every mistake I make. It is a waste of time to make the same mistake daily and not learn from it. Also learn from the mistakes of others.

If You Fall, Stand Up and Learn. Then Win It

Life is like a wave in the ocean. It’s there, but sometimes, it falls short, and sometimes, it grows big. Never knowing when and where it will be a small wave or a big torrent of waters to show how impressive they are. Such is a life of humans. In ever you are in a situation that you feel like a tiny wave in a vast expanse of water, never lose faith in yourself. Humans have the ability called, “Learning” and “Adaptability” that they use these talents and gifts to make sure that they come out victorious at the end. Use those talents as much as you can when you fall, because in today’s age, those who have knowledge and experience can survive in an ever changing and harsher environment that we call human society.

Make Sure That Your Future Self Will Be Proud In Your Present Life

Try to close your eyes after reading this post. Then imagine you are in the future, but try to be realistic about it. And try to appreciate and see what you are doing in the present as your future’s past. Are you happy about it or are you disappointed? If you found it disappointing, then it’s the time to change your view in life and do things more meaningful for your future. If you wanted to be a successful Doctor in the future, then be an excellent Medical student in the present. If you wanted to be a successful Artist in the future, then be an excellent Art student in the present & so on.

You see, dealing in life is not all that hard. You just have to know what direction to face and a plan for your future. There are about 26 letters, so make a plan A, plan B, and so on and so forth, so that you are ready for the uncertainties of life. Learning to deal with life slowly and efficiently is one of the keys to living happily. Remember that!


Are you living your life or going with the life or spending your life or taking things at a time or just shutting yourself up or have no clue what is going on!

Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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